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Getting The Right Advice

The contemporary world presents us with a changed set of circumstances, in which a variety of factors contribute towards achieving success. It is imperative that we acknowledge the need for these factors, in order to progress in this advancing global world. At Heuser, we believe that while academics does play a major role in preparing an individual for such success, the contribution of advice, mentorship, and networking, must not be underestimated.

It is very common for students to have several uncertainties in the process of realising what it is they really want to pursue. During this process, one may be bogged down by the vast specialities that exist in the field of medicine or engineering, for example, while others may simply be uncertain about stepping into a non-conventional field, such as that of art or entrepreneurship. This is where advice from individuals with experience in such fields can be very useful, and give younger individuals a real-world perspective.

Therefore, apart from its learning portal, Heuser recognises the benefits of an Advisory Board, inclusive of Professional and Student Advisors. We aim to emphasise on the importance of building mentor-mentee relationships, and getting the right advice from the right people. Ensuring this can provide personal support to our students, helping them reach a better understanding of the career paths they decide to pursue, and presenting them with the opportunity to learn and grow from experience. Moreover, these advisors belonging to different parts of the world lends a broader and more universal outlook.

With students being able to reach out to our advisors via the Internet and e-mail, the need for face-to-face interactions is overcome. This allows both the student and mentor to think through their questions and responses, and busy professionals to communicate at their convenience. We hope to be able to guide students on the process of going about networking, and maintaining a mentor-mentee relationship, during and even after their time at Heuser.

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