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DHMCAT: Is It Right for You?

“At first I was very reluctant to take MCAT tuitions at all because my seniors told me it would be a waste of time. But I took admission in Dr. Hussham’s MCAT… and I’m glad I made that decision that day”.

When asked about their decision to be a part of, and their experience regarding DHMCAT, the above was how one of the program’s past students responded. With a number of MCAT preparation programs being offered in the country, and with the underlying question of whether one even requires such a program, the path towards preparation for medical school can be a confusing one.

The DHMCAT program was initiated with the goal of easing this path for pre-medical students who hope to be a part of their dream medical university. With a humble intake of just around 60 students during its first year, the program’s aim was to cater to each student’s individual needs. Teachers made sure to make themselves available for students to be able to directly approach them, and frequent feedback was obtained  from students in order to ensure maximum satisfaction. This aim has not changed, even with the program having extended to several different cities, and thus a larger student body, through online learning.

Moreover, the program is designed specifically to cater to A Level and Intermediate students. We understand that these students are expected to maintain their performance at school during their hectic final year, while simultaneously prepare for university admission tests. With the admission tests for medical universities consisting of a range of topics and syllabi, it is imperative that students follow a focused, structured, study plan during their preparation process.


DHMCAT is able to present its students with such a lesson schedule, that thoroughly covers the required syllabus within a stipulated time period. This is done while acknowledging students’ need to focus on high-school work, by setting accommodating lecture timetables, and making available uploaded lectures for viewing at a later time. The integration of technology, through our online teaching and Learning Management System, is what makes the program stand apart from other contemporary MCAT programs being offered. Students are provided with various resources, inclusive of summarised notes, practice questions booklets, and weekly tests via the LMS, allowing these students to maintain a self-study process alongside.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring medical student, seeking some form of guidance in regard to medical admission tests, know that DHMCAT will go all out to make your admission process a few steps easier. With this in mind, if you do believe in the credibility of our program, we invite you to learn through us, and trust in DHMCAT to be right for you!

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