The success of the Dr. Hussham’s Medical College Admission Test (DHMCAT) preparation program, led to the commencement of the NUST GIK Admission Test (NUGICAT) preparation program. NUGICAT aims to prepare students for engineering college admission tests, hence propelling them towards admission into their dream engineering school.

The program focuses on the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, General Mathematics, English, and IQ, of both the A-level and Intermediate Board syllabuses. Despite the magnitude of the course material, the program instructors pride themselves on being able to deliver a thorough understanding of the content. Having engineering-related backgrounds themselves, the instructors are more aptly equipped to teach engineering students.

Efficient study methods, coupled with ample study and practice material, work to ensure that each student enrolled in the program develops a detailed comprehension of the course material. Students are provided with recordings of lectures, and are tested on a weekly basis. Altogether, the NUGICAT team is very perceptive to the needs of their students, and is committed towards strategically targeting these needs.

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