Faisal Hussain

Faisal Hussain

Dr. Hussain is responsible for CDI product & solutions enhancement, overseeing outpatient-focused CDI programs and supporting provider education and engagement at Reventics. He has a strong CDI background and has previously worked in both corporate and facility settings on various inpatient-focused CDI initiatives at large hospital systems. Throughout his career, he has led multiple CDI teams towards achieving success and has been involved in key CDI initiatives.

Dr. Hussain is also a recognized industry leader and a current and founding member of ACDIS Leadership Council and ACDIS Regulatory Committee. He previously served on ACDIS’s Conference Committee for three years. He is a regular speaker at multiple national and local conferences, including the national American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Convention and Exhibit, the national ACDIS Annual Conference, and ACDIS Virtual Education Conference. Additionally, he has been invited to speak on multiple CDI and HIM podcasts.

Apart from his successful ongoing career, Dr Hussain is also an active real estate investor and follows market trends with a keen interest. His other interest includes following sports, especially soccer, cricket, and tennis.

We welcome Dr. Hussain onto our Advisory Board, and hope that students interested in Healthcare Administration can get in touch with him in the future!