Moiz Ahmed

Moiz Ahmed

Mr. Moiz joined Tanveer Ahmed and Associates in 2008, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a partner at the firm in 2012. He has numerous reported judgements to his credit. His ability to improvise has garnered him with a commendable reputation, both within and outside the legal fraternity.

Till date, Mr. Moiz has advised clients on matters relating to services, elections, commercial contracts, managerial and industrial disputes, lease and sub lease agreements, accountability and anti-corruption cases, intellectual property claims, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, he is frequently requested by other reputed law firms to take the lead in arguing cases that involve acute complexities, before the High Court of Sindh. He has been very successful in such ventures.

Apart form the Sindh High Court, Mr. Moiz has also had the privilege of representing clients before the High Courts of other provinces. At the age of thirty-two, he was one of the youngest advocates to have been licensed to appear before the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

As a Visiting Faculty Member at the Sindh Medical Law College, and the Institute of Business Management, Mr. Moiz teaches multiple subjects of law to the students there. Previously, he would lecture undergraduate law students at the University of London, and accountancy students at Tabani’s School of Accountancy.

Mr. Moiz’s interests pertain majorly to social work. He is a part of the Payam-e-Sehat Foundation, a free clinic for heart and diabetes patients. He is currently also in the process of making functional another charitable hospital.

We welcome Mr. Moiz onto our Advisory Board, and hope that students interested in a career in Law can get in touch with him in the future!