Sidra Nadeem

Sidra has been CEO at Sindbad’s Wonderland since 2011. Operating since 1991, Sindbad’s has pioneered the indoor amusement center industry in Pakistan.

As a young entrepreneur, Sidra is particularly focused on developing and introducing the latest concepts in the entertainment industry to her company locations in Pakistan. She started off with a small team of fifteen employees, managing a single Sindbad’s outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Under her supervision, the company’s operations expanded, with outlets opening at Dolmen Mall Clifton in 2012, and at Fortress stadium, Lahore, in 2015. Finally, taking the brand a step further, she launched Sindbad Xtreme in 2018. Currently, the company has 126 employees and four different locations in Pakistan.

Apart from her successful career, Sidra’s interests include travelling, both for work and leisure. She also enjoys and makes time for yoga.

We welcome Sidra onto our Advisory Board, and hope that students interested in Entrepreneurship and the Amusement Center Industry can get in touch with her in the future!