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Our Attempt to Create Opportunity

The onset of COVID-19 brought into focus our ability to rapidly adapt to a new norm, and realise the possibility of exploiting change as an opportunity. One specific example of this was the switch from face-to-face education systems, to those dependent on the basic technology that is at our disposal. Heuser was initiated with this very idea of making the best out of circumstances, and progressing onto a new norm. We attempt to utilise  educational technology to provide youth with the opportunity to continuously pursue an education that should not be impeded. Hence, the academic and advisory support we provide to our students creates the opportunity for a smoother transition into the next phase of their academic journey.

However, more than just academics, our vision aims to provide opportunities that encourage individuals to develop the spirit of learning, be creative and research orientated, access their values and interests, explore beyond boundaries, cultivate connections, and go on to positively impact the global community. This is done through the academic values we inculcate, the encouragement of networking and mentorship, as well as exposure to social work internships.

Moreover, our scholarship fund was introduced in an attempt to allow academically deserving students from lower income backgrounds, to be able to become a part of Heuser. Students eligible for such scholarships have a considerable percentage of their program tuition fee deducted, and are able to make the best out of the opportunities at Heuser, without the additional burden of finances.

At Heuser, we have also initiated a donation program with Indus Hospital. Indus is a non profit company that provides free healthcare to millions of patients in Pakistan. It is our privilege to be able to play a small part in supporting their mission, and set our students an example of the importance of giving back to society. Moreover, Indus Hospital has been generous enough to offer to provide students at Heuser opportunities to engage in voluntary and social work internships, as well as facilitate interactions between Indus’ Brand Ambassadors and students at Heuser, whenever possible. Such opportunities not only help to build a student’s profile, but also expose these young individuals to real-world settings through which they can learn important skills. We encourage students enrolled into our programs, to make the best of such voluntary work internships.

It is therefore that Heuser focuses on providing opportunities that enable young individuals from all backgrounds to improve circumstances for themselves, as well as for society. We hope to expand our effort to provide for high school students, and remain committed to the idea of not just opening doors of opportunity for them, but also enabling them to walk through these doors.

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